So Dear Monkey went out for coffee. I headed home at 11, and he said he'd follow shortly. . . . I was up til 12:30 on the intertubes (sort of waiting up, sort of just wasting precious sleep time), and then I went to bed, figuring he'd be around soon.

I started awake at 5 am. There was no Dear Monkey sleeping in the bed, nor on a laptop in the living room, nor anywhere.

Some texting revealed that he'd stayed at Safehouse til close (1 am), then went over to see Steve and Tracy nearby. It was Steve's birthday, so much drinking had transpired, and carousing (for a geeky value of carousing) until dawn.

I would have been only mildly annoyed at that change of plans--except that he hadn't let me know. So I'd woken up and immediately started worrying that something had happened. Arrest, injury, who knows?

I was pissed. I told him he should just go home when he was done, so I could get the rest of my sleep without being disturbed.

He apologized, and said he'd changed plans pretty late and didn't want to wake me by making my phone go off. He'd be sober again in about half an hour, and he offered breakfast.

Only if breakfast was much closer to 7, I said. :P

That was the time he meant, so I agreed and went back to sleep.

. . . When I woke up again, at the usual time, I found him just finishing cooking a darn tasty breakfast. He apologized some more and walked me to work. I think he did the dishes and brought in my laundry from the line, too, but I went straight to his place after work, so haven't checked. (And this is all way after he usually goes to sleep, so I appreciate the going-out-of-his-way factor too.)

He should give lessons in apologizing to women. He's got it down pat--understanding what she's saying about being upset, acknowledging what you did that upset her, verbally apologizing and expressing affection, and doing something nice (without prompting) as penance. I'm a little peeved still, but, dang, I couldn't find it in me to hold a grudge even if I wanted to.

If every guy was that good at apologizing (and then also avoided repeat offenses) the world of heterosexual relationships would be a much happier place.

Now I'm at the silly boy's place, playing on the intertubes because he asleep. He was up until at least 1 in the afternoon, so he's been sleeping at most 5.5 hours. I suppose it's only decent to let him get a bit more time.


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